Fun, Friends, and Family are key motivators at our Club

Children who play Oztag will learn teamwork, develop confidence, self-respect & self-esteem. Our club’s goal is to create and enjoyable environment which will assist your kids to enjoy there sporting experience and help them grow both on and off the field.

Competition Details

Please take note of the details below as they are important to make sure your child has an easy transition into each season they play.

Teams & Individuals Welcome!

Individual players or small groups are welcome. We will help you find a team OR fill your team where possible.

To nominate a team, CLICK HERE to download a team sheet. This team sheet is to be sent back to the below email prior to round 1. Minimum 11 players per team. 8 players on the field. 


At the moment we have one season (Season 3) available for girls and boys aged 5 to 15's to enjoy.

Registrations for the 2024 - Season 3 - Junior Caloundra Competition will open mid 2024


Season 1

(Not Available)


Season 3


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Divisions Available

Girls, Boys, and Mixed u5-15s. Players can play up an age division, but not down a division.

Junior Girls Teams Image

Girls Teams

Junior Boys Teams Image

Boys Teams

Junior Mixed Teams Image

Mixed Teams

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Game Days, Times, & Results

Dates and times may change due to weather. If games may need to be caught up due to weather, this may be done on a night or a weekend other than the night allocated below. i.e., Super Saturday/Sundays.

We DO play in School Holidays.

2024 Junior Super Sunday Date (if required): October 27th, 2024


Predicted Start Date Monday (U5's - U9's):  2nd September, 2024

Predicted Start Date Tuesday (U10's - U12's): 3rd September, 2024

Predicted Start Date Wednesdays (U13's - U15's):  4th September, 2024

Predicted Final Round Dates: 4th, 5th, 6th November, 2024

Draw Link - (U5's - U9's) Draw Link - (U10's - U12's) Draw Link - (U13's - U15's) N/A N/A
Results Link - (U5's - U9's) Results Link - (U10's - U12's) Results Link - (U13's - U15's) N/A N/A
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  • $90 per player for each season played - team must have a minimum of 11 players, or pay the equivalent
  • $20 Yearly Membership fee (one payment only)

For detailed payment details please click here.


Season Length

Season consists of 10 Rounds.


School Holidays

We do play through the school holidays.



Only Official Oztag shorts/tights to be worn during games. Players may be asked to leave the field if this requirement is not met. Team shirts can be sourced from external suppliers or we can help you.


Venue Address

(Caloundra Lighthouses RUFC) Arthur Street, Caloundra